His Gathering is taking a break for 2018-19. Read a letter from our team.


November 12, 2018
We were very surprised to learn earlier this fall that His Gathering would no longer be allowed to meet at Every Home for Christ this year due to a change in their user policy.  It has been a wonderful “home” for us to meet over the last six years and we are so very grateful to them and the Lord for His provision.

However, due to this development, we gathered as a team in mid-October to seek the Lord for His direction.  Becky led the meeting and positioned us to hear from the Lord with a song, a Lectio Divina around the burning bush, a reading, and a prayer.  The question before us was simply, “What does the Lord have for His Gathering this year?”   We listened to the Lord together and individually wrote down what he spoke to us and then began to share what He revealed.  Our experience was indescribable! The Heavenly Father clearly spoke in the way that only He can. All of us received the same message in an individual and uniquely personal way.  The message: “Give up ministering this year and enter into a season of rest, neither sowing nor reaping. This is your year of Jubilee.”   This was an easy message to receive knowing that what comes after the Jubilee year is the year of RESTORATION and ABUNDANCE!  The presence of the Holy Spirit was palpable and we were overcome with both an excitement and anticipation for what He is going to do with His Gathering in the future.

Talk about counter-culture!  Winnie the Pooh taught me that “Sometimes doing nothing often leads to the very best of something.” We want God’s very best so we trust Him for that in this season.  It is a time to rest and watch Him work both restoration and abundance not only in our lives, but also in yours, for this message is also for you!  Seek the Lord and find out what He has for you during this time of rest and refocus.

Our time of prayer together as a team provided confirmation for what Becky and I were already sensing. Thus, this is what we feel called to do and be this year…to sit in a place of rest and obedience but with attentive hearts, listening for what He has for each of us during this rest and for what He will do in the future through His Gathering.  So stay tuned for God’s next move.

We will miss seeing your dear, dear faces, but we will hold you in our hearts and pray for God to meet you in the same way He has met us until we can meet again.

His Gathering Team

Sally Miller, Becky Joern, Kendra Ramirez, Carolyn Callen, Frances Royo, and Marisa May