About Us

His Gathering is a fellowship of Believers who meet to receive discipleship and inner healing in a group setting.

Leadership Team

Our Heart For You

Heart & Vision Behind His Gathering

“…to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.” Isaiah 61:1

Provide an atmosphere where Jesus can enter into our pain and suffering and bring healing to the innermost parts so that we can more fully live and move and have our being in Him.

Because our personal history and what we came to believe about ourselves, others and God is a barrier to deep intimacy with Jesus Christ, our goal is to teach and train up people who know their inheritance and identity in Christ intellectually as well as emotionally and spiritually by:

  • Creating a safe place for you to process your history of wounding through Inner Healing Prayer.
  • Being very open to the leading of the Holy Spirit even if it means going in a different direction from the plan.
  • Committing ourselves to a sacrificial lifestyle for your sake because of what He has set us free from. We can only comfort others with the comfort we have been given.
  • Getting the necessary training that’s available in order to equip you in the process.
  • Not creating a dependency culture but equipping you to interact with Jesus in the same way in order to receive healing on your own.

Our History

It’s amazing to think that we have been meeting together as pioneers in this work since September of 2010. It was then that a small group of us decided to take a step of faith based on God’s leading and practice facilitating GROUP Inner/Emotional Healing Prayer. I am so very grateful to those dear friends who have supported and encouraged me in that humble beginning… Renee Scruitsky, Darin Durand, Julie Langmade, Jennifer Wyatt, Melodee Bochelen, and Michiele Stapleton.

After four years at The Navigators on their Pastoral Care Team (2007-2011), God put it on my heart to resign and go into the Colorado Springs community. The Navigators provided the solid foundation of Biblical truth, training and experience necessary to launch this adventure called “HIS GATHERING.” My husband, Tom, helped form the ministry as a 501C3 (Non-profit), which meant it was eligible to receive donations. It also required that we form a Board which oversees the direction. They are Rusty Rustenbach, my former supervisor at The Navigators, Julie Langmade and Darin Durand who have been crucial to our development. God’s provision is always the very best. He’s provided our current, fearless leaders, Carolyn Callen, Becky Joern and Kendra Ramirez, Kevin and Evelyn Kuhn, Pam Jantz and Marisa May. We were privileged to meet at Every Home for Christ for our first six years and are very grateful for that provision. Beginning this year, 2019, we will be meeting at New Life Church to launch our first 14 week class.  It will include spiritual direction along with inner healing prayer.

The Navigators formalized what God had already been birthing in me for over 25 years and that was my own inner healing process. After years of good, Christian counseling for clinical Major Depression but still really struggling, He led me to a licensed, professional counselor who also was beginning to understand that God was doing something powerful in the area of inner healing prayer. She began seeing the benefits of inner healing prayer through her ministry with The Navigators. After realizing the potential for healing was so much greater than counseling, she began her own inner healing prayer ministry. I was one of her first clients and mentored by her. I praise God for it every day. He brought such healing and freedom into my life that I can now “comfort others with the comfort I’ve been given.”

Sally Miller
Founder of His Gathering Inc.